CD 09 EARLY WOKING BUILDINGS AND THEIR OCCUPANTS - 2nd edition April 2008, (amended 2013)


Compiled by Phillip Arnold (first published 2001 in the Record Series - RS36). Publishing on CD has allowed the inclusion of well over 100 photographs, many other illustrations and maps. In the introduction Phillip Arnold writes: "Woking has a number of pre-18th century buildings. The aim is to identify all those buildings in the old Manors of Woking and Sutton and the ancient parish of St Peter's, Woking which was more or less co-terminus with the Manors. A small piece of the Manor of Woking, part of Knaphill, lay in Horsell parish and an even smaller part in Bisley. Most of the land holdings within the area of the Manor were copyhold, there being very few freeholds. As a general rule only those buildings existing at the beginning of the 18th century are included although there are exceptions." An index of occupants, compiled from the available censuses and other sources is included.

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