Burton: The Family Tree of Henry & Dove Burton: from c.1760 to the early 1900s from primarily Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire


By Norman Burton

Surnames included in the tree in addition to Burton: Attewell, Ayres, Balch, Barber,
Bartlett, Belcher, Bendall, Bland, Bolson, Boswell, Brewer, Britten, Broadway, Buckland,
Burr, Cave, Clarke, Cock, Colan, Coleman, Colen, Cooper, Corp, Davis, Dicks, Dixon,
Drake, Edwards, Evans, Foot, Ford, Forward, Francis, Fury, Fussell, Guy, Hall, Harrison,
Hearne, Heron, Hicks, Hill, Hodges, Hughes, Isaacs, Jeffs, Kidley, Lane, Lee, Lock, Lockett,
Lovell, March, Organ, Paisley, Parsley, Parsons, Payne, Price, Pryce, Ryall, Scamp, Shevlin,
Small, Smith, Smithers, Stanley, Stephens, Sweetapple, Taylor, Tucker, Walker, Warren,
Webb,Wharton, Widcombe, Williams, Wilmott, Woodley

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