Bradford: Allerton, Manningham and Thornton Methodist Memorials, Burial Registers and Monumental Inscriptions


Published January 2017

This fully-searchable & illustrated CD, in pdf format, consists of a brief history of each Chapel and transcriptions of memorials at:

Allerton (Prospect) Methodist Chapel
Burial register with approx. 7,000 entries
Monumental inscriptions from photographs taken before the clearance of the graveyard

Manningham Daisy Hill (Salem) Methodist Chapel
Foundation stones
Monumental inscriptions of extant graves

Manningham Girlington Methodist Church
Foundation stones & War Memorials

Manningham Trinity Methodist Church
Memorials brought by members of constituent churches

Manningham White Abbey Wesleyan Church
Monumental inscriptions as recorded by Blackburn c1928

Thornton Wesleyan (Bethesda) Church
Burial register and grave ownership books
Monumental inscriptions (extant) supplemented by Blackburn recording c1930

Thornton (New Road) Methodist Church
Memorials brought from constituent churches

NB Burial registers transcribed are now deposited at Bradford Archives but they are NOT available on microfiche nor are they on
A short list of errata is included with each CD and is available on

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Supplied by: Bradford Family History Society

Format: CD-ROM