Balmaclellan Parish Memorial Inscriptions (2014)


This is a 84 page book of Memorial Inscriptions for Balmaclellan Parish Churchyard in the Parish of Balmaclellan, Dumfriesshire. It was published in 2014 and consists of 33 pages of inscriptions from 237 headstones. It is indexed by Surname only.

It includes 468 Old Parish Register Burials indexed by Surname and Forename. Also included are the 122 entries from the 1792 Census plus an list of Place names. The Census is indexed by Surname only.

War Memorials are included from Crimea, WWI and WWII. The Crimean war memorial is the only civic memorial in Scotland to the Crimean war and the oldest civic memorial in Scotland. Also names and details of local survivors of WWII have been extracted from Balmaclellan's Book of Remembrance.

There is a New Cemetery nearby which has not been transcribed.

Balmaclellan Parish Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions plus OPR Burials and 1792 Census Published 2014.

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Supplied by: Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society

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Product Ref: DGF-BALMI-2014