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Indian and Sri Lankan publications

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Miscellaneous Genealogy Resources

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Discover Kabristan Archives Old Irish and Indian Graveyards and you find Eileen Hewson whose all consuming passion for old graveyards has been the inspiration for her travels in the Indian subcontinent. From the former British hill stations across the Himalayas, to the tea plantations of Assam and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) she has searched for the Irish and British who died there. Her enthusiasm also extends to the people in Ireland whose burial grounds are disintegrating and will soon vanish for ever. This history is equally important and must be preserved otherwise it too will be extinct. The books on offer are compiled by Eileen Hewson from personal surveys and written records and are intended for the family historian at affordable prices. Eileen Hewson is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the founder of Kabristan Archives. For those who wonder about the name Kabristan it means "Land of the Dead."

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