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About Us

Family History Indexes publishes information and data-sets which are supplied (sorted alphabetically by surname) on microfiche, 3.5 inch computer disk and CD-ROM.

They cover sources at the Public Record Office for England & Wales and the United Kingdom - the National Archives at Kew, Surrey (TNA). Every record in every FHi index is fully referenced to the original document to enable you to make the most of the data.

Two series cover the whole of England & Wales by county (Militia Musters, 1781-82 and Criminal Registers, 1805-16) and many other indexes cover a wide range of individual subjects. Seamen's Crewlists adds details for north of the border and Titanic People probably has a story for everyone amongst its 1,600 pages of biography.

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For general enquiries, please write to:

Stuart Tamblin
14 Copper Leaf Close

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