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About Us

The Archive CD Books Project exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to co-operate with libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection, and to donate books to their collections, where they will be preserved for future generations.

The Project is all about making CDs of old and rare books available to genealogists and historians at a reasonable price. It is a "user supported" project, and is intended to be non profit making.

Some of these books have been kindly lent to the project by various individuals, some from County Record Offices, museums, family history societies and libraries, and some which we have purchased. All of them are old and rare. Many of those books purchased from book dealers (no matter how expensive they were) are subsequently given away to one of the above organisations.

The Archive CD Books Project also pays for the renovation of books loaned to us by record offices, museums and libraries, so that they may be preserved for future generations. We are also able to supply CDs to local libraries and record offices so that the books no longer suffer from heavy use.

Last postage dates for Christmas delivery

  • Ireland 19th Dec.
  • Northern Ireland 19th Dec.
  • Great Britain 18th Dec.
  • Europe 12th Dec.
  • USA/Canada 8th Dec.
  • Australia/New Zealand 8th Dec

Contact Us

For general enquiries, please write to:

Eneclann/Archive CD Books Ireland
5 Whitefriars
Aungier St.
Dublin 2