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Ancestral Routes has used decades of experience teaching family history research to adults to create research aids that help you find the archives and information you need when your research gets stuck. Or when you need to follow a new lead.

You will frequently need to know what archives are available for the period being researched and where to find them. The What Date? Book 1 and Book 2 timelines are a direct result of my tutorials, at which students used timelines like these to solve problems and find archives relevant to their research.

You can now use improved and developed versions of the time-lines, in pocket books, downloads or on CDs, to find the archives you need for the dates when you need them. Identify a source for the information you need and you may find a vital clue. Each of the What Date? pocket book contain useful information about the archives, their locations, and their availability.

More useful advice to speed your research can be found in our pocket book 'What Route?'. Lots more information about our products on

An example of the timeline charts and a video how to use them is on our web-site

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