Jutland - New Perspectives


A CD containing a roll of Honour for the Battle of Jutland in 1916 as well as extra information on the men and ships.
- Full list of almost 7,000 men killed and wounded
- Compiled from official Admiralty Sources
- Cross-referenced with National Archives, War Graves and other, contemporary data
- Clickable links to over 1,200 Commonwealth War Graves Records*
- Admiral Jellicoe's Despatch in an unusual contemporary copy
- Damage Reports for ships hit or sunk
- Diagrams and Drawings to illustrate the Damage Reports
- "New Perspectives" Essay which brings into the open some contemporary analysis of the Battle, using original Cabinet and Admiralty papers.
- Extras to include details of ephemera, postcards and medals.

* Requires Internet access

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Supplied by: Family History Indexes

Format: CD-ROM

Reference: FHI-CDJNP