Journal Archive - Numbers 1 to 115 (Autumn 1975 to March 2004)


Available as a DVD and a set of downloadable PDF files.. This archive of B&AFHS Journals contains a wide range of interesting and informative articles, many of which are of equal relevance to today’s family historian as they were when originally published. Additionally, they also provide an insight into the history and development of the Society. To help you locate articles of interest, there are two searchable indexes on the B&AFHS Society website.

With the passage of time, some content such as names and addresses will have become out of date. In order to respect the privacy of individuals who may no longer be participating in Society activities, we have deleted the names and addresses of the committee, job holders and members. Consequently, a number of pages have been intentionally deleted.

The DVD consists of 115 searchable PDF files - one issue per file.
The downloadable version consists of 9 (large) searchable PDF files - 12 or 13 issues per file.

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Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society

Format: DVD

Product Ref: BST- BACD27