Index to surviving Attestations 1775-1817 of 1st Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards)


This is an index to the surviving attestaions from 1775-1817 for the 1st Foot Guards( 1st or Grenadier Foot Guards from 1815). There are however also 56 attestations relating to the Coldstream Guards during the period 1777-1805, but only for the letters 'N' & 'O' and a man called Hoakes or Oaks. Many years ago the documents were bound together into 39 volumes, and some attestations were sorted alphabetically, by first letter although this was not always so. With the exception of the period 1775-1795, each volume covers one year and some years are covered by more than one volume; odd documents are bound in wrong years. Also found among the documents are some Records of Service & Re Attestation records.There are a total of 9,309 documents. The index contains a data card on each man found in the documents giving if available his Surname; Forename; Place of Birth; Date enlisted; and sometimes other remarks. There is also a surname index

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