Forward to the Past - Another Journey in Ancestry by Rae P. Collins


Part one illustrates the methods used to trace one's ancestors using parish records, census returns, county records and other sources available nationwide. The author traces her family forward to see the progeny of her 4x great grandmother's distinguished cousin - a physician, William Wasey, one of the founders of St George's Hospital, London - emerging in the present day.

In part two, the author weaves the findings of her research into an absorbing historical narrative and we discover how the Wasey family's fortunes flowed over nearly four centuries.

Part three describes an unusual, entirely female, descent from the early fifteenth century.

This book presents an engaging history of one family's past, set against a background of contemporary political and international events - the English Civil War, eighteenth century naval victories and the First and Second World Wars. It is illustrated throughout with contemporary photographs and line drawings. In particular, this book illustrates how a genealogical line may be traced forward.

Paperback, 156 pages.


Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society

Format: Book

Product Ref: BST- L45