Family Historian V6 + Free Upgrade to V7 + Free Regional Research Guidebook & Online Subscription worth over £48


Deluxe genealogy software written by a leading UK software designer for the UK market. A new concept in genealogy programs that allows you to enter your family by drawing a tree. Full support is given for sources, notes, facts and linked multimedia elements. For researchers it provides support for Queries and Reports.

*Instantly create Ancestor, Descendant, Hourglass, Everyone and ‘All Relatives’ trees (unique to Family Historian) - and now Fan Charts
*Creating great-looking family tree websites and family tree CDs and DVDs is easy using Family Historian’s powerful wizards
*Create professional-looking family tree books and booklets
*Interactive diagrams are used for browsing, exploring, and editing - as well as printing. ‘Smart Trees’ make creating charts easy.
*Comes with 31 highly configurable reports and you can create your own custom reports using standard reports as templates.
*Link people to their faces in photos
*100% compatible with GEDCOM - the standard for shared genealogical data
*Supports queries - a powerful tool for getting more from your data
*Search the Internet with the Internet Search tool
*Trace relationships graphically on charts using the ‘How Related’ tool
*Full file merge/compare allows you to work cooperatively with others and share data
*Automatic source citations make it easy to record sources
*Download free plugins from the Family Historian Plugin Store
*Powerful scripting tools give you the ultimate control over your own data

What's New in Version 6?
*New Map Window
*Support for Witnesses
*New Web Search Window
*Re-designed Media Window with New Media Link Tool
*New Automatic Source Citation Pane
*Extended Family 'Timeline' Facts
*Easier, Faster Data Entry
*Attach Pictures to Places
*Drag-and-Drop Everywhere
*Copy and Paste Images
*Web Clipping Capability
*Unicode and Accent Characters
*Improved Overall Look - and Better Support for 'High-DPI' Screens
*New Find Tool
*New Find and Replace Tool
*Quick Filtering in Lists
*Enhancements to the 'How Related' Tool
*Enhancements to Queries and the Query Window
*Enhancements to the Focus Window
*Improvements to Narrative Reports
*Support for Colour Schemes
*More 'Modeless' Windows


Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies

Format: CD-ROM

Product Ref: SNG-6366