Great War Casualties on the Morley MemorialCompiled by: Dr. J. Clive McManus and Julie A. Heeley


Genfair release: January 2019
Showing the following information:
Full name;
Service Number;
Battalion or Service;
Details of Death;
Cause of Death;
Place of Death;
Personal Details;
Newspaper and Other References.

Names recorded in the table:
Adams; Ainsworth; Akeroyd; Allen; Allsop; Almond; Andrews; Appleyard; Armitage; Arnold; Asher; Ashton; Asquith; Auty; Baines; Bamforth; Banner; Barker; Barnes; Baron; Barron; Bates; Bateson; Baxter; Beaumont; Beckwith; Bedford; Beevers; Bellamy; Bellwood; Bentley; Binks; Blakeley; Bland; Bolton; Booker; Booth; Boyce; Bradbury; Bradley; Bradshaw; Bragg; Breed; Brentnall; Briggs; Broadbent; Broadhead; Bromley; Brook; Brown; Bunting; Burniston; Burnley; Burton; Busby; Butler; Butt; Bywater; Callaghan; Calverley; Carlton; Carpenter; Carr; Carter; Castle; Cawood; Charlesworth; Cheesbrough; Chessman; Chew; Clark; Clarke; Clarkson; Clegg; Clough; Clowrey; Coleman; Commons; Conboy; Condron; Conlin; Cooper; Copley; Cowdell; Cowell; Crabtree; Crosland; Crowther; Culpan; Cummings; Dent; Derry; Dickinson; Dixon; Dobson; Dodson; Dowson; Drummer; Drury; Duffy; Duxbury; Egan; Eggleshaw; Ellis; Evans; Farmery; Farrell; Farrington; Fawcett; Fieldsend; Firth; Fletcher; Forbes; Foster; Fowler; Frankish; Gee; Gerrish; Gibson; Gilpin; Gissop; Gledhill; Glover; Gomersal; Gornall; Gott; Grayshon; Grayson; Greenough; Gregson; Griffiths; Grimes; Groundwell; Guy; Haigh; Hales; Hall; Hallas; Hamilton; Hancock; Handley; Hardcastle; Hardy; Harrison; Harrop; Hart; Hartley; Haw; Heaton; Heeley; Hemingway; Hemsley; Hepworth; Herbert; Herd; Heyes; Hick; Higginbottom; Hill; Hirst; Hodgson; Holleyhead; Holliday; Holmes; Hopkinson; Horsfield; Houlden; Howard; Howarth; Howley; Hudson; Hutchinson; Illingworth; Ingham; Instrell; Jarvis; Jefferson; Johnson; Jowett; Kaye; Kellett; Kent; Ketch; Kidger; Knowles; Ladley; Laing; Learoyd; Lees; Liley; Linfoot; Lister; Lobley; Lodge; Lonsdale; Lorriman; Lupton; Makinson; Mallinson; Marsden; Mason; McAvoy; McCormick; McManus; Metcalfe; Middlebrook; Mills; Mockford; Mollitt; Moody; Mooney; Moorhouse; Mortimer; Moss; Moxon; Mozley; Murdock; Murraney; Naylor; Newby; Newell; Newton; Niven; Noble; North; Nunns; O’Brien; O’Donnell; Ogden; Oliver; Pattison; Paver; Peel; Pell; Petty; Potts; Powell; Priestley; Pyrah; Ramsdale; Ramsden; Richardson; Riley; Roberts; Robinson; Rodgers; Rodley; Roper; Rowlay; Sanderson; Saville; Scanlan; Scarth; Scott; Senior; Sharp; Shaw; Sheard; Sheldrake; Sibley; Siddle; Slack; Slater; Smith; Sowden; Sowerby; Speight; Spence; Spencer; Stansfield; Stead; Stringer; Sutcliffe; Sydney; Sykes; Talbot; Taylor; Teale; Tempest; Thackray; Thewlis; Thompson; Thorne; Tillotson; Tolson; Towler; Town; Townend; Troughton; Turner; Turney; Turton; Verity; Waddington; Wakefield; Walker; Walton; Ward; Waring; Watson; Watts; Webster; Whitaker; White; Wilby; Wild; Wilkinson; Wilks; Wilson; Wood; Woollin; Worsnop; Wrigglesworth; Wright; Yates.

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