Catholic Ancestor Volume 07 Number 6 / November 1999


  • Catholic History: Background Reading
  • Catholics From Mangalore: A Bicentennial
  • More Parish Histories
  • Articles In ECA Journal And Catholic Ancestor 1983-1999
  • Examinations Of Recusants In Prison In London, 1593
  • Catholic Converts In Kintyre And Arran In The 1620s
  • The Kembles At Warrington, Lancashire
  • Catholics In East Anglia, 1796
  • The Weetman Family
  • Enrolments Under The Navy Act In Kent, 1796
  • Liverpool Roman Catholic Registers
  • All His Great Powers: Irishmen In The Met
  • Cupboard Love: The Religion Of The Costermongers
  • Review: A Dictionary Of British And Irish Travellers In Italy 1701-1800
  • Review: Directory Of Irish-born people Resident In Manchester In The 1861 Census: Volume 1: Ancoats And Sub-District
  • Review: Catholics In Britian and Ireland
  • Review: Shakespeare In Lancashire
  • Review: Shakespeare And The Gunpowder Plot
  • Review: Some Notes On Turner's Family IV: The Marshalls And Harpurs


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