Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 3 / November 1996


  • Cheshire Catholic Registers
  • Conformity In The South 1590-1625
  • Simon Godfrye Of Densworth, Sussex: Seeing The 1590s Through The Bars Of Horsham Gaol
  • The Slaughters Of Cheney Court And Their Catholicism
  • Papists In The Counties Of Brecon And Flint, 1680
  • More Parish Histories
  • "Of Sound Mind": Some Catholic Wills In The Eighteenth Century
  • The Registers Of The Catholic Chapel At Haughley Park, Suffolk, 1807-1809
  • Society For The Relief Of The Aged Poor (Established 1708)
  • The Catholics Of Stella Parish, Durham, In 1861
  • The "Strangeways" Of Our Ancestors
  • Deaf, Dumb And Blind Children In Westminster
  • Two Home Counties Churches Founded By Germans
  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Soldiers Died In The Great War 1914-1919
  • Catholic Converts In The First World War
  • Book Notice: Reformation And Society In Guernsey
  • The New Public Record Office


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