Catholic Ancestor Volume 04 Number 1 / February 1992


  • Your Ancestors From Austria And Germany
  • The Carpue Family Of London
  • An Index Of Nuns, 1598-1914
  • A Nun In The Family
  • Memorial Inscriptions In Powys
  • A Brief History Of The Family Of Rachel Hornby
  • Catholic Missions In South-West London 1791-1891
  • Registers Of A French Royalist Chapel
  • The Dear Old Tongue In The Heart Of Babylon: The Catholic Church And The Irish Language In South London 1750-1914
  • A Surname With Variations
  • A Papal Zouave
  • From France To England And Back Again


Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society

Format: Edelivery

Product Ref: CAT-CA-041