Bristol's Pauper Children by Shirley Hodgson


A little-known chapter from Bristol’s past has been brought to life in this book which explores the plight of the city’s Victorian vagrant children.

An estimated 60,000 Canadians are believed to be descended from more than 1,500 orphaned, destitute and abandoned children who were sent to Canada in the belief they would have a better life.

The Bristol children were among about 100,000 child immigrants sent across the Atlantic between 1869 and 1939 from all over the UK; it is estimated that 12% of present-day Canadians are descended from these “British Home Children”.

The trials and tribulations faced by these poverty-stricken children is uncovered in this revealing book. Paperback, 256 pages.


Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society

Format: Book

Product Ref: BST- L44