Bristol Apprenticeship Books Volumes 1(a) to 1(n) 1532-1724


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The Bristol Archives (formerly the Bristol Record Office) holds a continuous series of Bristol Apprenticeship Records dating from 1532 to 2009. They are contained in a set of 26 books, known as The Bristol Apprenticeship Books and were originally identified by the Bristol Archives as Volumes AB/1(a) to AB/1(z).

This CD contains the first 14 volumes, namely 1(a) to 1(n) and its contents are divided into an Apprentice Name Index, Father's Name Index, Father's Trade Index, Father's Abode Index, Master's Name Index, Master's Trade Index and a transcription of each volume. Approximately 41,000 records.

Volume coverage:
Volume 1(a) 1532-1565; Volume 1(b) 1566-1593
Volume 1(c) 1593-1609; Volume 1(d) 1609-1626
Volume 1(e) 1626-1636; Volume 1(f) 1636-1640
Volume 1(g) 1640-1658; Volume 1(h) 1660-1660
Volume 1(i) 1664-1665; Volume 1(j) 1668-1671
Volume 1(k) 1671-1685; Volume 1(l) 1685-1699
Volume 1(m) 1699-1711; Volume 1(n) 1711-1724

The Apprentice Books of Bristol are very strongly linked with the Burgess Books of Bristol. It was only the Burgesses, in other words the Freemen of the City, who were entitled, moreover, obliged to take on Apprentices. Furthermore, serving an apprenticeship to a freeman was one of the ways in which an individual could in turn become a Freeman.

Also see the companion CD entitled "Bristol Apprenticeship Books Volumes 1(o) to 1(z) 1724-2009", published in 2012.

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Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society

Format: CD-ROM

Product Ref: BST- BACD31